Friday, December 7, 2012


The best aftercare for tattoos!
Our salve is made with all the natural ingredients having properties essential to speed up the healing process.  TAT JAM

Every artist has their own theory about what to put on new tattoos. Irregardless, here are the important, agreeable facts…

These things hold true:

Moisturize. Do not over moisturize.

Stay out of the sun.

Do not pick or peel your scabs!

Do not shave if your tattoo is in the shaving area.

Do not scratch your tattoos (if it itches, Tat Jam it).

Stay away from blood thinners such as aspirin & alcohol that will cause excess bleeding that washes the pigment out.

Right after you get your tattoo:

Keep it away from water.

When it gets wet, pat it dry with a soft clean cloth; do not rub.

Avoid hot tubs, steam rooms, & swimming for at least a week.

Repeat—keep it out of the sun.

Wear loose clothing. Keep clothing or whatever away from it so nothing rubs or sticks.

Discontinue use of Tat Jam or whatever else you're using if your skin has a reaction.

If small pimples appear, you may be using too much salve--first try using less.

Additional Tat Jam guidelines:

Once a scab has formed, grab your Tat Jam.

Wash your hands before putting them into the salve.

Apply to clean, dry skin. Use a mild soap.

Apply a thin layer of Tat Jam. Use just enough to keep your skin from getting dry.

Your skin will take 10 minutes or so to soak up Tat Jam.

Tat Jam allows your skin to be moisturized as well as breathe.

Do NOT share your personal tin of Tat Jam with other people.

Once healed, continue to use Tat Jam to preserve & enhance the color while using sunblock.

Healing and Color Protection in a recyclable container. 
The best all natural tattoo aftercare for your shop!